Sunday, April 1, 2012

Let's play chunki!

“What is chunki?” you might ask. Well, chunki is a small plaything made of a collection of rubbers tied together. The rubbers are usually black and a new chunki can give you black stains on your hands. It is played by hitting it against the side of your foot, and as it flies down again, to hit it again. All this might seem very confusing, but the thing is to get the knack of it! Chunki is played by almost all the children in Thimphu, and they love it. But don’t get the wrong idea - I’ve seen lots of adults enjoying it too! So mind you catch the hang of it, and hopefully you’ll hang on to it. The biggest amount of times you hit it in a row are popularly called your chunki maximum, and your normal hits are called your chunki average.

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