Saturday, January 12, 2013

Typos in Bhutan

Typos in English are quite common in Bhutan, as in some other countries in Asia.

The Lattest Collection, announces a flashing shop. Menus are also a rich source of amusement; "Fried Rise with veg." as a restaurant's specials, or "Meat ducklings", or, if you're interested in cannibalism, "Fried children". So, if you're on a trip to Bhutan, look out for these funnies to engage you.

Another classic that runs around town is the shop proclaiming Go d and Silver Smith, the 'l' of gold detached. A godsmith, by the way, is a maker of idols. After a few years of people laughing at him, the poor shop owner took away the l from silver and attached it to gold and hopefully you will find the amusing sign: Gold and Si ver Smith.

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