Thursday, June 13, 2013


So, now it's our midterms, and I have to study hard! The exams at Druk School go in four sets: the first term, mid-term, second term and annual. The first and second term exams are weekly exams that don't have a vacation after them and the exam day continues as a normal school day. The midterm and annual examinations are usually daily but may have a holiday in between two exams, and after the exam there are no studies but we go home straight away. There is a vacation after the midterm and another one after the annual string of exams.
Now, mid-term is usually referred to in the middle of a term or semester, but in this case, it means mid-year. The annual exams are the final exams.
Our midterm exams began Saturday, June 8th. I'm in 6th grade, and our first exam was English. Second, Dzongkha. I find Dzongkha very difficult but I had pored over my books and the exam was easier than the first term paper. Our third exam was Social Studies. Then, Science. Finally, Maths.
Then....? V-a-c-a-t-i-o-n VACATION!!! We get a  break of about a month which I will spend in Israel, enjoying life on the beach (there aren't seas or oceans in Bhutan).
Check the blog out soon for an exciting post differentiating between Bhutan and Israel!