About Bhutan

Bhutan is a small country bordering India and China.

The people in Bhutan are nearly all Buddhist, and monasteries are built all over it.
So, are you getting ready for your journey? (By the way, if you're really going to Bhutan, are you getting ready the 250 dollars per day that foreigners have to pay? Still, it’s worth it). Are you ready for all the marvelous sights you’re going to experience? Or are you going to faint in the plane at the first sight of these giant marvels? (That was a joke, although if you have a weak body for high altitudes that really might happen.) 

Whether you’re traveling in Gasa, cold Trashi Yangtse, in cheese-producing Bumthang, or in the capital, Thimphu - the first look, the first impression upon the hilly green forests and land is the same (mainly because there’s only one international airport*) But don't get me wrong - Bhutan is an amazing place. Really. It truly does belong on your bucket list.

By the way: if you're traveling between dzongkhags (cities), get ready for swerves and turns. The longest straight stretch of road in all of Bhutan is about 200 metres long.

*However, a domestic airport was recently built in Bumthang

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